Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hint of the day

Trying to get some humidity into my winter home:

This is the perfect time of year to wash rugs, sleeping bags and any blankets you aren't currently using. Instead of drying them in your dryer, however, try draping things over stair rails, tables, or even a sofa overnight. They'll be dry by morning and the air in your home will be more comfortable. It's also a good time to steam-clean your carpets for the same reason.


Margaret Mary said...
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Margaret Mary said...

(We'll try it with spell check this time.)

I should add to be careful of your wood furniture as some will not tolerate moist fabric on it for extended periods. My table is finished with marine varnish and is water proof, as are my banisters. If I lay a sleeping bag or rug on a floor to dry, it's on a carpeted, tile, or vinyl floor - not the laminate ones. (It might be okay on the laminate, since they're certainly water resistant, but I have other good options so I don't take the chance.)

Anonymous said...

I got this hint from the Tightwad Gazette--it helps with humidity during the winter and keeps the house just a bit warmer. I undo the dryer vent to the outside. I have a patch of insulation that covers the outside vent from he inside--keeping out the cold air. Then I cover the opening to the dryer vent hose with an old stocking. That keeps the dryer fluff from getting all over the house, but lets the warm, moist air through. You do have to keep an eye on the stocking and switch it out when it starts to get full of fluff.