Saturday, July 1, 2017

Home is where

 One of my favorite things about our 1883 house is that it has been home to so many good families over its 130 year history. While we had the house blessed when we moved in several years ago, it is comforting to know an aura of faith permeates the walls. Once a visiting nun realized she had been to Masses in our living room in the 1970s. And in the course of home care, we have found several historical artifacts: a shoe polish bottle from the 1880 and a lead pencil with actual lead under the floor boards; portions of a porcelain Sacred Heart holy water stoop and a World War 2 Medal for Good Conduct while working in the garden, and this most recent discovery.

While tending to the water heater, my husband found a rusted cash-box on a cellar rafter with a pamphlet and holy card of now Saint Rose Phillipine Duchesne and envelope circa 1908 that once contained a cash donation to the Franciscan Missionary Fathers. Possibly the most POD thing that has happened to anyone while putting salt in a water heater!