Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday night pizzas

Artichoke and kale; crab and corn; farm eggs and braised scallions

With the warm summer weather, our weekly Friday night pizza has migrated to the grill and we have abandoned our usual pantry staple toppings for the bounty of the herb garden and farmers' market. While these pizzas might be meatless, they aren't lacking in flavor. Frugal Friday tip: roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds make an economical substitute for pine nuts.

Kale pesto with sweet potatoes and Vidalia onions

Clam and parsley; zucchini

Parsley pesto, zucchini, and heirloom cherry tomatoes

Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School done right

I just got home from parish school registration for my older son. I wasn't initially motivated to go- all finances from tuition to milk money are handled through a tuition management company, my son won't need the school uniform until kindergarten, and somehow we muddled through last school year without attending. While in my heart I wish school started after Labor Day, I have nothing but props for how well the school staff set up this event geared towards parents (there will be a parish wide family hot dog dinner the night before school starts next week).

Entering in the school gym, one went through a circuit of informational tables: first, we were welcomed by the Principal and received the School Calendar and Handbook. Then followed the middle school religion teacher, a young religious brother, staffing a table geared to middle school needs. Next came the opportunity to share time, talent, and treasure by volunteering for Parent Teacher Council events and ordering SCRIP. A representative from the uniform company was available to answer questions, and secondhand uniforms were available for purchase.  Subsequently, athletics waivers could be turned in; laptops were available to register for inclement weather alerts. The last leg reinforced the connection between the diocese, parish, and the school: Virtus registration, verifying parish census information; and receiving a children's Sunday lectionary from the parish priest. Additionally, student club tables were located in the adjacent lobby. All in all, it was a well coordinated event that bodes well for the new school year.

Image: Vincent Van Gogh, "The Schoolboy"