Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A baby shower gift

My Bible study is holding a baby shower for a first time mom (of a son) this weekend, and I thought I would share the darling gift I was able to put together for a minimal cost (plus a few tips on thrifting clothes). All the garments were purchased from our parish thrift store (25 cents a piece) and the book was a duplicate from a reading program at the public library (free). 

Blue Chaps gingham shirt with red corduroy Gap overalls. While I certainly purchase secondhand knits for my own kids, there's no denying that woven garments often look newer and better suited for gifting (probably because they are reserved for dressier occasions). Also, quality garments look better on the rack- they have more vibrant colors and are less prone to wrinkling. 

Striped Gymboree footless romper. Often white garments show stains easily, but this one was impeccable. Being footless also saved it from rents in the feet. I have had good luck with removing spit up stains from light colored and striped garments with liquid dishwasher detergent- just apply a few minutes prior to laundering. 

Sweater vest, from the only mass market retailer in our rural county. A lot of people favor fleece and sweatshirts for daily wear, so secondhand sweaters tend to be in good condition. This one is so small he'll probably only wear it a few times, but it tied so perfectly into the red, white, and blue theme.

Indie shirt with Wrangler jeans. A good pressing and both pieces look like new. The shirt has a fresh, graphic look. Denim style has changed a lot in the last few years. This pair is a darker wash, relaxed but not too baggy.

Stuart Little. Books are a great present for babies (and their older siblings!)

In an age where most of our Christmas gifts came through the mail, I find myself wrapping less and less every year. I try to pick wrapping papers that can get more year round use. My husband mocked last year's solid red as "too Starbucks" so I opted for a more neutral plaid this year and used some of it here- a sunk cost.

If I knew the recipient a little better, I might have rounded out the gift with a pair of kitchen shears (the best thing for cutting baby's food into small pieces) and a scented candle (to freshen the air after smelly diaper changes). But I am not sure whether she has a pair of shears or her preference in candle scents.