Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Corporal Acts of Mercy: Feeding the Hungry

Our friends at Faith & Family Live offer some of their favorite recipes and hints for bringing food to families in need of a little help, be it new neighbors, those filled with the joy of a new baby or those grieving the death of a loved one or struggling with a chronic illness.

The Church Ladies share the following hints:
*Use a disposable foil baking dish (nobody needs to worry about returning the dish)

*If you can, send paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils

*Label the meal, including reheating instructions, in case it is frozen for later

*Consider making non-dinner foods, like a breakfast casserole, or a lighter entree for lunch

*Make it easier on yourself- Make it a double batch: one for them and one for your family

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting, and good works. Consider reaching out to someone in need this Lenten season.

Do you have anything to add?


Margaret Mary said...

I like to make soups. They're easy to freeze if the family is getting other meals and can't eat it right away.

I'd recommend recipes from "Once-A-Month Cooking" for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

When our Maximilian was born, we recieved a few bottles of wine or beer. It was such a nice way to celebrate together! We make a point now to include them in new baby dinners.

I also like to make a batch of muffins for the following morning for new moms.