Monday, March 8, 2010

More little treasures

This from a 1969 report card from the "School of Religious Education, Diocese of Duluth":

The priests and religion teachers of your parish are doing their best to help YOU fulfill YOUR obligation of providing for the religious education and training of your children. If you will take the time to help your child, our work will be more effective.
As you value your own and your child's salvation and temporal happiness, join us in the great work of keeping your children truly the children of God and good citizens of America.
Please examine this report card carefully and assure us of its receipt by signing your name in the space provided.
Every Catholic child attending public school must attend regularly the parish school of religion.
Parental interest in the child's study of the Faith has definite influence on his practice of the Faith.
Parental example is the pattern the child will follow.


I've been involved in PSRs for a number of years as a recipient, a parent, and on the administrative end of things, and I've never heard of a parish issuing report cards before. Besides attendance, this one evaluated achievement, attitude, and conduct. While I'd hate to ask my volunteers to do more, I have to admit I like the idea.


Lucy said...

I think the report cards are a nice idea... but having taught CCD for a number of years, I am doubtful that most parents would take any remedial means if their child brought home a less than stellar report.

Margaret Mary said...

I agree, but I appreciate the emphasis on a parent's role in passing on the Faith. Mostly, I guess, because I know first hand that this was a time of transition of thought in this area. It was shortly after this that parental involvement was de-emphasized and content became less rigorous.

ashley said...

In the archdiocese of St. Louis report cards are issued for parish school of religion programs. Having taught there for three years, I will agree that remedial parental attention is lacking. However, these report cards are required for application to archdiocesan high schools (sent from the parish to the requesting HS), serving primarily as a record of attendance at the PSR program. It is used as another method to verify that the parents are committed to raising their child(ren) Catholic.
I am a proponent of placing the emphasis on the parent's role in passing on the faith, but to me report cards do not achieve that goal.