Saturday, March 13, 2010

Conference Announcement

Notre Dame Right to Life

announces its

5th Annual
Collegiate Conference

April 9 & 10, 2010

For the last five years, the student prolife organization of the University of Notre Dame has hosted an annual conference discussing topics pertinent to the prolife movement.

This year's speakers include:
George Weigel,
Fr. Thomas Berg
Joan Lewis
Dr. Maureen Condic
keynote speaker: Francis Cardinal George

The conference is open to all (university student or not). For non-Notre Dame students, they are asking a small donation of $10 to help defray the cost of the conference.

Notre Dame's an easy drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, Peoria, Indianapolis, Detroit, etc. Regardless of where you are, but especially if you're anywhere nearby, you should consider coming.

If you'd like to attend, registration may be found here.

My personal recommendation:
As a veteran conference chair and NDRTL president, I cannot encourage you enough to attend this conference. There are a number of annual conferences at Notre Dame that are well worth attending - notably the Center For Ethics & Culture's Fall Conference & the Edith Stein Project. The NDRTL conference, however, is often overlooked, and it really shouldn't be. The speakers, frankly, are always of the highest caliber and the attendees are very committed to discussing and pursuing the issues of the conference. I should also mention it's the cheapest. For non-students, the other events mentioned cost over $100; but the NDRTL conference is FREE (unless you want to donate $10). Furthermore instead of listening to undergrads read their papers, you get to listen internationally renowned leaders speak. Please promote this conference and help move it's status from Notre Dame's Best Kept Secret to Notre Dame's Most Popular Event.

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