Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the market for a car?

We are (or were until last Wednesday), and it was surprising to see how few cars are made to comfortably hold more than 4 people.

That probably explains why my family was surprised and amused to see this Dodge commercial recently:

No matter how you feel about minivans, or Dodge, or commercial television for that matter, this new ad has an interesting message. Not only is Dodge acknowledging that some families have more than 1.3 children, they made a car that will transport you!

While we were searching for a video of the commercial to embed in this post, we found another Dodge ad with the caption, "Another great reason to have kids."

Of course, my nagging little cynic voice is reminding me that they're just trying to sell a product. I'm going to set that aside for a little while though, and just enjoy the fact that my friends and I (whose average family size is, well ... actually pretty close to 7) are right there on the cutting edge of cool. ;-)

There are guys who’ll smirk at you for driving a Dodge Grand Caravan.
For some reason having a minivan that happens to have the
2009 dependability award
from JD Powers and associates isn’t… manly enough.
Think about it for a second.
Filling a car with 5 of your offspring isn’t manly enough?