Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movie Pick: Arranged

At the recommendation of my daughter, Francesca, I've just finished watching a delightful movie about two pious women of different faiths.

From Netflix:
When Rochel and Nasira -- an Orthodox Jew and a Muslim, respectively -- meet as new teachers at a Brooklyn school, co-workers and students expect friction. But the women discover they have a shared expectation of entering into arranged marriages. As they experience tension between their traditional cultures and life in contemporary America, Rochel and Nasira form a special bond.
  1. Basically, it's about two women holding onto traditional values in a society that doesn't share their point of view,
  2. It's a lesson on cultural diversity that isn't dripping with annoying political correctness,
  3. It's a respectful view of faith issues, and
  4. It's two beautiful pictures of family life.
All in all, the best chick-flick I've seen in a long time! (And it's a Netflix instant watch option.)


Daniela said...

It sounds wonderful, though sometimes the guys here (all sons; I am the only female in the household) naturally have a slightly different mindset than we ladies.

Did the males in your home enjoy this one, too? If so, it'll be a definite must-see here.

Margaret Mary said...

My 14 year old son liked it. No blood, battles, or special effects, but the story was good. "It wasn't too sappy." :)

Daniela said...

We'll place this in our instant queue and watch it soon. Your son and mine (12 years old) sound very similar!