Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helping Your PRC: Getting to Know You

Before you jump to do anything for your local pregnancy resource center (PRC), please, please, please get a chance to know them!

Find out:
What is the center's background? -Besides being prolife, obviously.
What services do they offer? To whom?
How many women do they see a year?
Are they religiously based/affiliated? If so, do they openly evangelize?

These questions and others will help you better understand the organization so that you can then ask and meet the most important questions:
What do they need? How can you help?

Every PRC has a different personality, and that personality defines its needs.

The PRC I work at it is essentially Catholic in its founding and operation, but practically non-denominational. We do not openly evangelize. That being said, there's another PRC not too far away that is proudly Christian and offers Bibles and Bible study to every person who walks through the door. They could probably use another person to teach Bible study, or donate a book of Bibles, whereas if either of those offers were made to my center, we'd have to turn them down.

On the other hand, the one PRC is a very small office, whereas we have 4 centers in this county alone. We could use a pious woman to answer our phones, even for a couple hours a week, whereas they probably wouldn't need help in that area.

So go ahead, and take the first step: get to know your PRC. Give them a call, or drop by for a visit. Ask how they would like you to get involved.

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