Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giving a "soul" to the web

In his message for the 44th World Day for Social Communications, Pope Benedict calls for priests to "make astute use" of available technology in becoming a presence as community leaders on the web.
-Catholic News Agency
Reading this made me think about the interactions I have with priests through the web and how they've enriched my life. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Author, convert, school chaplain, speaker, blogger, husband and father; Father Dwight Longenecker is a busy guy! Fascinating posts on the Personal Ordinariate for Anglicans and lots of other fun. I love his alter egos, especially Caitlyn O'Rourke and Mantilla Amontillado (aka Mantilla the Hon, and it's a dream of mine to have Mantilla write a guest post of advice for our Church Ladies someday. ;-)
  • Father Robert Barron may well be the poster priest for effective use of technology to reach a huge "congregation." You can find him in print, watch his Faith Clips and listen to his pod casts, and browse his 200 entries on YouTube (everything from movie reviews, to explaining the Holy Trinity). I can hardly wait for his Catholicism Project to be completed- even the trailer gives me goosebumps!
  • Father Phillip Powell, OP at Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! also blogs about news and posts his great homilies. Author, outstanding teacher, UDallas grad, and current student, Father Powell's Coffee Bowl Browsing posts have led me to way too many interesting things on the 'net and I appreciate his political leanings (and his quirky sense of humor).
  • Father Zuhlsdorf is a clearinghouse of all things Catholic. No one beats his blog for sheer volume of posts and for lively interaction in the comments box.
Who are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy Father Austin Fleming, his blog is called A Concord Pastor Comments.


Thérèse said...

Fr. Martin Fox's blog has some great "day in the life" posts. They give you a new appreciation for just how busy our pastors are!

Teresa said...

I like the Fr. Tim Finigan's blog:

The diversity of themes and his sense of humor.

maris said...

Sister Mary Martha!