Saturday, January 9, 2010

Movie Pick: The Trouble with Angels

When I found this movie on the $5 rack at Target, I was thrilled! Hayley Mills plays high spirited Mary Clancy forced to attend St Francis Academy boarding school in the late 60s. Between the girls' high jinks, the nostalgia, and Mary's growth, it's a cute movie for the whole family. And for those of us who feel passionately about keeping Catholic schools going, there is this chuckler:

Mother Superior: As for the social graces, I'm convinced that your school encourages barbarism and concerns itself only with free thinking, free wheeling and finger-painting.
Mr. Petrie: The finest educational minds in the country happen to be on our side!
Mother Superior: God is on ours!

My favorite line, and as applicable today as in 1966:
"I would rather have one like [her] who chose [to be a sister] rather than a hundred who yielded."

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Francesca Pio said...

Yes! One of my favorites!! Everyone should watch it.

I have to advise you, however, to resist any urge to watch the sequel ("Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows"). Completely terrible!

Thanks for the post!