Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helping your PRC: Bottle Drive

A great and relatively easy way to help out your local pregnancy resource center is to organize a bottle drive.

5 Super-Easy Steps for a Great Bottle Drive

1) Collect or buy a large quantity of baby bottles.

2) Pass out a bottle to each person in your target group. It could be your church, school/homeschool group, sodality, family & friends. You can appeal to one group of people or multiple groups. Of course, be sure to ask the permission of the proper authorities if needed: i.e. your pastor at church.

3) Encourge everyone to take a bottles home and fill them with spare change over a designated period of time. (A couple weeks is usually a good period of time)

4) Collect the filled bottles on a designated day.

5) Count money, take it to the bank, and exchange it for bills (or use a service like coinstar). Then give the money to your PRC!


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