Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thrifty Gifts - A Spiritual Bouquet

This gift is perfect for a group of people giving a gift together. (For example to a club leader, a pastor, grandparents, even a boss if you have the right work environment.)

Each gift giver needs to make a specific commitment to offer prayer for the recipient. Collect these promised prayers and present them together as one large gift.

Suggestions for prayer:
___ Masses heard
___ Holy Communions
___ Hours of the Divine Office
___ Hours of Adoration
___ Novenas
___ Rosaries
___ Acts of Penance
___ Stations of the Cross
___ Other
The least expensive way to give this gift is to simply tally all the prayer and write the totals in a card or letter. If you have a little more to spend, buy a bouquet or a plant and use florist card picks to hold messages about the prayer. For example, one tiny card could deliver the message that "10 Rosaries are being offered for your intentions." Another might say, "4 Novenas are being prayed for you," and so on. Imagine the delight of the recipient as they open card after card filled with love and prayer!

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