Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thrifty Gifts: _____ of the Month Club

This gift can be customized to fit the recipient. It works best if the giver and recipient are geographically proximate, but can still be used if you see each other monthly and can transport perishables. Basically, you're taking the expensive concept sold in magazines, and cutting out the middle man by doing the cooking/purchasing/delivering yourself.

Some ideas:
Flower of the Month (drop off a bouquet each month)
Herb of the Month (for the budding gardener)
Tea of the Month
Soup of the month
Cheese of the Month

Wine of the Month
Pie of the Month

Bar (Cookie) of the Month

Hot Dish of the Month (the latter two reflect my Midwestern heritage)
Chore of the Month coupons

You can even package the idea up nicely. Wrap up a vase, pretty tea cup, ladle, cheese serving set, a corkscrew, pie server, casserole dish, or other symbol of your gift to come.

Now, where's Margie with the hot dish?

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