Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thrifty Gifts: Emergency Car Kit

The grandfather of Rosaleen (one of the original Church Ladies, who has taken the veil) gives his grand-children one of these car kits the first winter they had a new car.

Put the following items in a box to be stored in the trunk.

-milk jugs filled with sand (or a jug of ice melts)
-Flashlight with batteries
-Bottled water
-first aid kit
-canned food (preferably with pull tabs)
-road flares and emergency matches
-duct tape


Thérèse said...

A couple of other ideas (some, admittedly, more thrifty than others):

A pair of heavy ski gloves or mittens (precisely the kind you wouldn't want to wear when driving, but would be very grateful for if you were stuck).
A hat of the sort that messes up your hair, but keeps you really warm.
Those little handwarmer things that heat up when you open the package.
Granola/candy bars.
Jumper cables.
A few basic tools.
A couple of old carpet sample squares (or even one cut in half), can be used to provide traction, as well.
Change for phone calls (even these days, I still drive long stretches of freeway through tiny towns where I don't get a signal).

Unknown said...
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