Thursday, December 17, 2009

Having your cookie and knitting it too

A recent Christmas hamper contained a cylindrical metal tin of Pirouline (rolled wafer cookies). After the cookies (all too quickly) finished, I re-purposed the container for storing my knitting supplies.

This particular container was 6" tall, making it ideal for shorter dpns. I've seen taller containers for other baked goods, which would be handy for longer needles, dpn or straight.

Depending on what implements you own, you might
-Store all your dpns, tied together in size batches with ribbons and tags
-Organize your tools by size, e.g, all your 4 mm circs, dpns, and crochet hooks. Place a sticker with the size on the lid.

I used left-over adhesive shelf paper. Wallpaper or other sturdy paper would work if you don't mind the mess of glue. Voila! You now have a storage container that coordinates with your decor.


Thérèse said...

Wow, I also use a Pirouline tin to hold my needles. Great minds and all that...

I use 1/4" wide rubber bands, half-hitched around my sets of DPNs. I wrote the size on the band with a fine-tipped sharpie.

Where did you find that shelf paper? I've been looking for cute prints to cover some cereal boxes for magazine holders, but all I've seen so far is the textured, rubbery kind.

Lucy said...

It came from an exotic boutique called Tar-jay, the only mass market retailer in my neck of New England.