Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe, and more

A long time ago, there live an Indian named Juan Diego. He was an Aztec Indian who lived in a country called Mexico. Juan Diego was a Catholic. All week long he worked hard in his corn field. Every Saturday he went to Mass at the Church of Santiago, in honor of the Mother of God. After Mass on Saturday, he would stay for the great celebration of prayers and Mass on Sunday.
So begins the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe as told through this fun, interactive product by Illuminated Ink. They have an ever-growing line of creative craft projects to help your family grow in the knowledge of the Faith.

Really - poke around on their site and you'll find page after page of original kits ranging from Heavenly Host paper airplanes to First Communion keepsake banners that even Church Ladies would approve of. You'll find some other things relevant to the current season, so order now and you'll have them on hand for Christmas gifts or next year's Advent. Their prices are great enough that I could've listed this post in our Thrifty Gifts category and pretty much anything they sell would make a nice stocking stuffer for your children or godchildren.

Does it sound like I'm a fan? I was first introduced to the Butek family through my annual trip to the Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference and we're always glad for the years they are able to make a return appearance there. High quality, original art, great prices, solid Catholic content - what's not to like?
Oh, and back to Our Lady of Guadalupe - I cut down the sides of an ordinary paper box and store my book there. It's lasted for several years without even getting a little crumpled this way. (It's just the type of box that reams of paper come in. My husband gets them from a recycling area near his department's copier at work.)

Disclaimer: Church Ladies have no particular connection to Illuminated Ink and do not receive any compensation from the promotion or sale of products mentioned here. They just have fabulous stuff and you should know about them.


Actualidades said...
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Rubi said...

Thank you for the link to such a delightful product! What a wonderful way to share the story with children!