Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Reader Asks:

  1. How tall should the monogram be for a man's handkerchief?
  2. What stitch do you recommend for forming the monogram? The monograms in today's picture look like machine embroidery.
  3. Any recommendation for fonts and colors?
My suggestions:
  1. The height can vary. I guess I'd go with something about 1/2-5/8". That would depend on your overall design though. The round design in the photo is bigger. I'm inclined to smaller monograms, but I've seen purchased handkerchiefs with a single initial that's almost an inch high.
  2. Those pictured are definitely machine embroidered. For hand embroidery, I'd recommend using a satin stitch with a single strand of floss for most monograms. You might want to use a back stitch for very narrow areas and thin lines. I like to use an embroidery hoop to keep everything stretched tight; it always gets pucker-y for me if I don't.
  3. Colors: navy, grey, maroon, black, and cadet blue are all classics. If I were making one for my son, however, I would be tempted to use bright red. (He's kind of a flashy dresser. :-) Fonts: I worked out a few examples below. (Click on the image to make it bigger.) If the directions aren't clear, just put your questions in the comment box. I used Microsoft Publisher for the WordArt features to make the funky shapes. You might be able to do it on MS Word also, but I'm not as familiar with that program.


Peony Moss said...

Thank you! Another question: do you recommend outlining the letters with something like a stem or outline stitch before starting the stain stitch?

Margaret Mary said...

Usually when I do this my letters are small enough that outlining them would add too much bulk. If you think an outline would clean up the edges of a messy satin stitch or you'd like to add a contrasting color though, go for it.