Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A cure for the winter blues

In the winter, there were bread and crumpets to be toasted in front of the fire and in the summer there were sardine sandwiches filled lavishly with raspberry jam or butter icing. Dolls were treated to a tea party too, from miniature sets of china... and in the nursery 'make-believe' went hand in hand with Garibaldi biscuits and cream fingers.

Although the green baize doors, nannies, and nursery maids have become a thing of the past, the practice of giving children a combined tea and supper still continues with sandwiches, cakes, and biscuits forming the main part of the meal.
[The Book of Afternoon Tea]

Wouldn't your Junior Church Ladies enjoy a tea party supper for a bit of fun on a cold winter's night? Here's a list of tea sandwich recipes for inspiration. Happy baking!

Image: Gianbattista Gigola, Portrait of the Daughters of Gian Giacomo Trivulzio, 1807

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