Saturday, February 9, 2013

Practical help for an effective Lent

Are you stuck in a rut on what to give up for Lent?  Looking for some ideas that may have more spiritual impact?

101 Practical Fasting Ideas offers lots of creative alternatives, but requires something of you first:

[...] before we choose something to give up for Lent, it’s important to assess our current spiritual state:
  • What habits do I engage in that are destructive to my spiritual health?
  • To what material things am I too attached?
  • What areas in my life are unbalanced?
  • To what do I devote too much or not enough time?
Only after asking questions like these are we are ready to decide what to give up or what to add to our lives during Lent.

From there things are divided into categories to make it just a little easier for you:

  • 1-10: The Usuals
  • 11-20: Prayer
  • 21-30: For Those Addicted to Popular Culture
  • 31-40: For Internet Users/Bloggers
  • 41-50: For Those Who Need to Be More Grateful
  • 51-60: For Those With Lives Out of Balance
  • 61-70: For Those Who Need Spiritual Nourishment
  • 71-80: For Those Who Need to Increase Their Service to the Needy
  • 81-90: For Those Who Need to Be More Active in Their Parish
  • 90-101: Potpourri
  • Bonus! 10 More Fasting Ideas

I hope you'll find it as helpful as I have!

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