Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little Aid for Your Lent

I've often found that my mid-Lent slip-ups come not so much from a lack of will power as from forgetfulness. With that in mind, I've put together this little booklet to help keep track of Lenten sacrifices. You write your sacrifices, prayer commitments, etc., in the first column, and then check them off each day you complete them. I've greyed out Sundays and solemnities, since it's not necessary to fast those days (though there's certainly no reason not to pray!).

To put together the book after you've printed it out (diagrams here):
  • Fold in half and crease, with the text facing out, along the registration marks, both the long and wide way. Since every printer is different, you may have to trim a bit of the margins to even up these edges. 
  • Open it out, and then fold each side in to meet in the center (again following the registration marks). 
  • Slit the paper along the tops of the center two sets of pages, then pull open this slit at the folds. Fold book so that the covers are in front and back.


Margaret Mary said...

Aren't you sweet! I'm going to print one right away.

Mary Liz said...

You are a genius! Thank you!