Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thrifty Gifts: In a Jar

I've been smitten with mason jars lately. I think it started with this, and then continued on through the summer when cherries were a good price and then my garden produce started ripening. Now it's gift making time, and I'm still finding all sorts of inspiration based on the simple and inexpensive canning jar.

They come in different shapes and sizes from a tiny 4 ounces up to a quart. (And if you ever see a 2 quart size, grab it - they're a rare find in this age of smaller families.) They're simple and classic and reusable. They're practical and have an air of elegance at the same time. A shelf of canning jars reminds me of the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31.

The jar in the photo is a sewing kit from Anthropologie, not thrifty by my definition, but inspirational, don't you agree? (Going in their stores is like spending time in an art gallery!) I think you'll find the links below may better earn the "thrifty" label. Also, be sure to do some design review with Lucy's post on making your jars more beautiful.

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