Friday, November 4, 2011

An Ode to the Apron

Related to Lucy's post of yesterday, I've been thinking of adding another apron or two to my collection. My current ones fall a few inches shorter than most of my skirts, leaving an exposed edge at exactly the height of a young toddler's face. I'm thinking of something color-blocked like the adorable Anthropologie apron above. I may widen or ruffle the straps a bit, too, to give me some coverage there, though I like an adjustable length there, so I'm still working out the details.

Meanwhile, have a look at Jennifer Fulwiler's article on the positive effect, both practical and symbolic, that an apron can have, especially for mothers of young children.
Donning an apron is a simple act that sends a surprisingly powerful message, especially if you’re a mother. It’s a symbolic gesture that indicates that you’re seeking to thrive now, here in the midst of the toil that comes with nurturing new souls; that you see the work of serving others not as a temporary phase, but as a key aspect of a well lived life. Taking the time to fasten the strings of an apron around your waist sends a message (to yourself, as much as to anyone else) that it’s worth the effort to protect your clothes so that you can look nice at the end of the day—that self-care has not been shoved to the backburner just because you have children.
(Read it all.)

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Nan said...

Look for aprons at thrift stores and antique shops. They come in many lengths as they were custom made by women for thsmselves.