Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Warm, Washable, Winter Skirts

As my first winter with a small child approaches, I have been on the lookout for that ever elusive item: a washable, lined skirt for winter. As much as I love my wool skirts, they have been restricted to office wear as they simply can't stand up to little hands who love to rub bananas on everything.

If you're willing to be flexible about lining, jean or corduroy skirts are fairly easy to find at thrift stores. I've also found the washable suit separates that some department stores sell to be perfect- they come in prints and solids and are sold separately, so I can only purchase the skirts. What are your favorite places to look for winter skirts?

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Thérèse said...

I have a couple of doubleknit dresses from Loft a while back that look polished but still washable. I've also really been missing a black jersey skirt that I misplaced a while back, and may go hunting for a replacement.