Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Every Woman Needs

Attending a professional conference this weekend, I was reminded of every woman's need: a good dark suit.

A good dark suit will see you through many situations in life, such as job interviews, more formal meetings, and funerals. Depending on the formality of your field, the jacket and bottom don't necessarily have to be from a matching set, but they should be of coordinating materials. A solid color is often more flexible than a print. And regardless of the fabric or which piece is worn more, the jacket and bottom should be cleaned together so they don't fade disparately. A dressy cardigan will also allow you to get more wear out of the bottom at less formal events.

Opt for a timeless look in the best quality multi-seasonal fabric you can find, and you'll have an outfit that will last a lifetime. Lining is a must, and will give a smoother look. Skirts tend to be more formal, flattering and less dated, as well as more easily altered for any figure fluctuations. The EGs have some more advice on what to look for and where to find it.

You'll also need a few more things to complete your suit- a blouse or cami for underneath the jacket and a pair of good shoes, as well as stockings. It can be hard to acquire the former two on a moment's notice, so look for them at the same time as the suit. A good pair of shoes can be resoled many times. And it can never hurt to have an extra pair of stockings around.

[image source: Vogue]

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Ken & Carol said...

I am going to send this advice to my daughter. Keep up the good work ladies.