Monday, February 23, 2009

The Official Crochet Stitch of the Church Ladies?

Most of your Hostesses have been Quite into knitting lately, but I ran across a crochet stitch recently that I just had to share. The Catherine Wheel:

(Image Source)

The name comes, of course, from St. Catherine of Alexandria, who is often pictured with a broken wheel as one of the instruments of her martyrdom.

A chart and video instructions for the stitch can be found here.


Lucy said...

That beats the Cathedral knitting stitch, needles down.

I do confess a weakness for the flame stitch, and would love to do a chapel veil with that motif. It reminds me of racks of votive candles.

Zu said...

That's a beautiful stitch! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Caitlyn said...

That stich and those colors have officially made me want to learn... one day I will when the CPA exam is done controlling my life. :(