Friday, February 6, 2009

The Official Cocktail of Meatless Fridays

Adieu, little Swedish fishie, adieu. What a way to go, though, drowning in a sea of gin, lemon juice, and champagne. Pern’s Farewell is bright and clean, with all of that sparkle keeping a Swedish fish buoyant as the gummy candy garnish bobs and weaves in your glass. A little bit of kitsch and a whole lot of botanicals and citrus make this cocktail one that’s not to be missed. [text & image source: Stuff @ Night]


Sanctus Belle said...

Wow - that drink sounds delicious! I'll try it sometime soon!

Sanctus Belle said... you use lemon juice or lemonade? An in what parts make the right combo?

Lucy said...

I would go with lemon juice.

A good cocktail is usually 1/3 spirits to mixer, but you can vary that for your own taste.

I'd probably make this like a gin and tonic, substituting the champagne for the tonic water.