Friday, November 20, 2009

Thrifty Gifts - A hand knit or crocheted scarf

Scarfs are really in style again this year and what could be nicer than one that is hand made with the wearer in mind?

  1. Join Ravelry. It's a knit and crochet site that offers tons of directions and patterns (among other things). It's free to join; you'll just need to set up an account.
  2. Browse their patterns. If I limit my search to free crocheted scarf pattern, I get 108 pages of choices! If I limit it to free knit scarf patterns, there are 201 PAGES of choices! It'll take you longer to choose than it will to actually make the scarf!
  3. Buy the yarn you'll need. Here's where the expense comes in, but consider your budget and purchase a yarn that fits. I made the scarf in the photo from two skeins of yarn that I got for a great price in a clearance bin last year.
Almost everyone wears a scarf and would appreciate a custom made one. Hint: If you make this gift for a little girl, make a matching scarf for her doll or teddy bear. I guarantee it'll be a huge hit.

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