Sunday, November 8, 2009

"'Not like the Bible? Jane, Jane, this will never do. If anyone doesn't like the Bible, there's either something wrong with him or the way he was introduced to it... The Bible is a wonderful book, my Jane. Full of corking good stories and the greatest poetry in the world. Full of the most amazingly human 'human nature.' Full of incredible, ageless wisdom and truth and beauty and common sense.'

"...After all, Jane found it did not require a miracle to make her like the Bible. She and dad went to the shore every Sunday afternoon and he read to her from it. Jane loved those Sunday afternoons. They took their suppers with them and ate them squatted on the sand... she loved dad's voice reading to her... And she loved the little comments he made as he read, things that made the verses come alive for her. She had never thought there was anything like that in the Bible. But then, he did not read about the knops and taches."

-L.M. Montgomery, Jane of Lantern Hill

What a lovely way to share the faith!

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Christina said...

Ah, Jane of Lantern Hill, one of my very favorite LMM stories. Who wouldn't want a dad like Jane's?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the tip. Sounds like right up my alley. I'm ordering a used copy right now!