Monday, April 13, 2009

What to do with all those Easter Eggs?

From Fabulous Living:

Okay. Easter is over. A good time was had by all. There were chocolates and grand style feasting, and of course, Easter Eggs. Lots and lots of Easter Eggs. So many Easter Eggs. Never have you and your family turned out such masterpieces of Easter art. You just couldn't stop!

But what are you left with after the bunny goes home? A couple of extra pounds from all the chocolate, a pile of brightly colored egg shells and lots and lots of hard boiled eggs.


We love coloring eggs as much as anyone. But we HATE wasting food. What follows is a list of ten fabulous things to make with leftover eggs. Oh, by the way, you don't have to wait till Easter to enjoy these recipes.

1. Scotch Eggs -- Britain's favorite bar food makes a great snack, hot or cold.

2. Deviled Eggs -- Why wait till your next party to serve this great hors d'ouervre?

3. Pickled Eggs -- Another pub favorite!

4. Beet Pickled Eggs -- Brightly colored pub food. Yummm!

5. Egg and Arugula Stuffed Tomato -- Cut up a tomato and stuff it with a special egg salad. Almost instant lunch.

6. Egg Salad Sandwich -- A classic: egg salad spread it on bread, topped with lettuce and sliced tomato (pumpernickel bread is especially good).

7. Meatloaf -- Bury a few of hard boiled eggs in a meatloaf for a visual and taste surprise.

8. Potato Salad -- Bet you never think of this favorite picnic side dish until summer, but it makes a great way to use extra boiled eggs now.

9. Cobb Salad -- Eggs add the perfect flavor touch to Hollywood's most famous salad.

10. Scalloped Eggs -- This is an old fashioned recipe that was a favorite in your grandmother's (or great grandmother's) day.

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