Monday, November 19, 2007

An Oldie but a Goodie

from Amy Welborn.

Every so often, I need to go back and read this to remind myself that there are other Not Nice Girls in the world.
Our eyes are squinty from reading too much and our tongues have dents from all the times we’ve had to bite them in futile attempts to supress our true natures.
I’ve no idea where this demand that people who call themselves Christians are only allowed to discuss matters in hushed tones and frequent murmurings of “I understand where you’re coming from” has evolved from. Quite honestly, there’s a long and rather honorable tradition of smart aleck Defenders of the Faith behind us, if we only look.
(entire article here)
So to all Church Ladies who say snarky things about terrible vestments, who amuse themselves by parodying insipid "hymns", and who not only take down posters advertising heretical events but then proceed to burn said posters: you're not bad people. You're just Not Nice.

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Margaret Mary said...

Almost all of my most valued friends are Not Nice Girls. (The kind who have learned to temper the gift with a little wisdom are the best.) You always know where you stand with them.