Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Fellow Church Lady

Quantitative Metathesis has posted the reasons why she is a Church Lady, which I thought were a good description of why this role is important to the Church:
I've also been recruited to the seminarians' sacristan team, mostly because I'm a little stronger on the tasteful decoration front. This comes with being a church lady, you see. The sems need help discerning which way a flower arrangement should face, so that they can focus on the tasks more befitting their roles (like lighting the charcoal in the thurible). They need someone else to candle-sit for a taper whose wick has been broken off and which, consequently, will not light. And they need a womanly eye to make sure everything looks the best for the King.
In true Church Lady fashion, she follows this up with step-by-step practical advice for removing candle wax from cassocks, altar linens, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I have been enjoying your blog immensely. :-) Long live the Church Ladies!

Jane said...

I miss being a church lady. During my junior and senior year of college I was sort of a choir mom to the schola; I helped find robes that fit, fixed hems and buttons, taught new people how to process and when to bow and what kind of bow to perform, and on one occasion pointed out to the deacon that he was vested incorrectly for Vespers. I would have helped more in the sacristy, but we had SuperSacristan ("shiniest thurible in the west!") who really did not need any assistance.

Now I'm just an ordinary choir member who sometimes turns her music in late.