Sunday, November 25, 2007

A little baking project for Advent ...

While looking for a little inspiration for creating a gingerbread house, I ran across a fabulous looking cookbook entitled Rose's Christmas Cookies by Rose Levy Beranbaum. It's filled with beautiful photography, lots of traditional holiday favorites, and "smart cookie" tips to ensure success. (On the Coconut Kisses recipe, "Fresh coconut is a lot less sweet and more delicious than canned or packaged coconut. Don't even think about substituting here!")

The piece de resistance is on the last page (well, actually the recipe and instructions are on the last 20 pages). "A Christmas cookie book would be incomplete without a gingerbread house, and the most awe-inspiring 'house' is a cathedral." This one comes complete with stained glass windows, flying buttresses, gilded arches, and a hexagonal apse.

Perhaps I'll be able to post a photo of my relatively unimpressive farmhouse later this week. The pieces are cooling right now and the whole house is filled with the wonderful aroma of gingerbread!

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Anonymous said...

Hop over to my blog and check out my kids' summer project, at

Yours is more impressive, indeed, but you have inspired me!