Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In hot water

In anticipation of some small faith sharing groups I will be hosting this fall, I purchased this hot water dispenser from the local thrift store. It pumps beautifully but the liquid does not come out in a straight stream. Any troubleshooting ideas from the coffee klatsch would be welcome.


Gianna said...

Is there hard water buildup on or inside the spout? That'd be my first guess, and I'd run some vinegar or something through it.

Lucy said...

No, there was a rip in the small rubber piece that fits into the spout. I commandeered the valve from my son's old sippy cup. Problem solved! Not bad for $1! Our community thrift store is a county sized room of requirement.

Terri D'Orsaneo said...

Good find, and a good save!! I was going to mention the calcium build-up, too.