Friday, February 17, 2012

Frou-Frou Friday

Via the Knitty Blog comes this article from 1961 on the British Nylon Fair. The article itself is amusing, noting the growing number of "problem grandmothers" who no longer knit, but the real highlight for me was the included newsreel footage of the fair's fashion show. Midcentury fashions are some of my very favorites, and the video doesn't disappoint, with shots of lovely ballgowns and sportswear that would be considered just a bit dressy these days. The highlights for me: the floral gown with built-in wrap at 8:20, and the gold-colored lounge set with the oversized sash at 6:28.

The best of the narration: "For the morning after the night before ... jersey dresses, in colors to gladden the saddest hangover."

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