Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tea for two

She awoke early, long before it was light, and lay almost rigid, looking at her wristwatch every ten minutes, waiting for six o'clock, when she told herself it would be reasonable to get up and make tea. There was a tray in her room set with two large thick cups and saucers, a bowl containing tea bags, sachets of coffee and sugar, and a couple of biscuits. There was a small kettle, but no teapot. She supposed she was expected to make the tea in the cup.
[PD James, A Certain Justice]

Tea brewed in a teapot is more sociable, stays warm longer, and is just classier (an attribute the Church Ladies strive to emulate). Sadly most modern china patterns don't include with a teapot (and those that do often run 3 figures). What's a Church Lady to do?

If you have a more casual set, Fiesta makes teapots in a wide variety of colors. If you are looking for something formal, we recommend scouring garage sales and antique stores for a design that complements your pattern. Happy hunting!


Mike Roesch said...

This may be the most important post ever made to this blog. I might add, though, the increased quality, class, and value of the use of loose-leaf tea rather than bags.

Lucy said...

We're starting small.