Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hankie Handiwork

"Have a good time dearies," said Mrs. March as the sisters went daintily down the walk. "Don't eat much supper and come away at eleven when I send Hannah for you." As the gate clashed behind them, a voice cried from a window,"Girls, girls! have you both got nice pocket handkerchiefs?"

"Yes, yes, spandy nice, and Meg has cologne on hers," cried Jo, adding with a laugh as they went on, "I do believe Marmee would ask that if we were all running away from an earthquake."

"It is one of her aristocratic tastes and quite proper for a real lady is always known by neat boots, gloves, and handkerchief," replied Meg who had a good many little aristocratic tastes of her own
." [Louisa May Alcott, Little Women]

The Church Ladies are engaged in an on-going campaign to re-instate hankies.

Plain handkerchiefs are easily obtained at dollar discount stores, but lack decoration. This is a perfect opportunity to practice embroidery or lace knitting. Enter, a handy site about hand knit lace edgings. You're good to go.

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Maria said...

Ladies, I concur. God bless you abundantly as you spread the truth.
We definitely need to reinstate hankies. I'm off to buy one so that I can embroider it with my monogram.