Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old world charm for $6.99

This wooden church Advent calendar is on sale at Target for $6.99. I think with a few touches, it could be turned into something quite inspiring and a family treasure for generations.

Painting the roof a more roof like color with shingles or tiles approximated in permanent ink, and the ground rendered a more realistic color would help a lot, as would moving the small cross to the top of the steeple. Painting the door brown or another dark color would add some visual weight as would using the eyes from a large hook and eye set as faux iron work. Those handy with Photoshop could add stained glass (printed on labels for easy fixation).

Inside each door, one could place a verse from the readings of the day and other small treasures.

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Margaret Mary said...

Years ago I made a felt Advent calendar using 25 symbols and stories to teach about salvation history. I haven't used it in a while but putting each symbol and a little treat in each of these doors would probably work really well.

(No comments about felt banners, please. :-) It really was the best material for this application.)