Thursday, January 22, 2009

The crockpot is your friend

Quick! There's a Holy Hour at Church at 7.30, and somehow you have to get everybody fed and out the door beforehand. Or the family is starving after Morning Mass- the coffee hour doughnut holes just aren't cutting it. You get the picture.

Don't worry, the Church Ladies have the answers!

I have to admit, when I got married, I was ambivalent about registering for a crock-pot- I did it mostly to please my mother -in-law, but wasn't convinced I'd get much use out of it. I put it on the top shelf of the pantry and ignored it until recently. But add in a Sunday night knitting group, and BAM! The crock-pot has become a good friend at our house. It'll be the best $20 you ever spent.

Your basic cookbooks- Joy of Cooking, Better Homes and Gardens, and Betty Crocker have slow cooker sections.

Here are the official recipes from Crock-Pot themselves.

Betty (at Betty Beguiles: Marriage, Moxie, and Modesty) offers some breakfast crock-pot meals: Hot Breakfast Cereal, Apple Cobbler, Peach Cobbler, Bacon, Egg, & Potato, Breakfast Casserole, and Oatmeal.

Catholic Answers (yes, they're more than apologetics literature!) shares their favorite crock-pot recipes.

What are your favorite crock-pot recipes?

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Unknown said...

Hot Fudge Spoon Cake, from "Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook". It is delicious over ice-cream, and makes me look like some amazing dessert chef when all I do is put it in the crock-pot and forget about it. :)

Margaret Mary said...

How timely! In yesterday's local paper there was a reader alert for free crockpot recipes. "Sign up for our crockpot recipe e-mail newsletter, and we'll send you 12 tasty crockpot recipes - one every Thursday starting today and continuing through April 9. These no-muss, no-fuss recipes require little prep work and include lots of time-saving tips to help you create delicious hot dinners. Sign up now at" To make it a little easier, here's the link directly to the sign-up page.