Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Shamelessly borrowing from promoting Jennifer Fulwiler's article on the topic, What I Wore Sunday is a relatively new Church Lady phenomena that may be of interest.  Basically, there is a host blog to which you can link a photo on the topic from your own blog.  The best part, however, is happening on a deeper level as women are finding support for the idea of dressing well for Holy Mass and that is leading them to prepare in other ways as well.

 Kathryn Whitaker described it well over at Austin Catholic New Media when she said of her own participation in the virtual festival:  Ever since I started the link up, I've found myself consciously thinking about preparing myself for Mass, not just physically, but spiritually. There's been a bit more time to pray when we arrive, I've even scanned the Magnificat App on my iPhone for the readings. I can't recall the last time I did that. When you prepare the body, you also prepare the mind. 

Dweej saysIs it so sad that looking through everyone's What I Wore Sunday posts has become one of the highlights of my week?  I want to say, but I won't. You know why?  Because it makes me feel like we all kind of get to hang out together.  Making this virtual community even more of...well, a community.  And that's what I really love, more than anything else, about this whole internet thing.

And full circle back to Jennifer: I've been making an effort to dress well for Mass ever since then, with varying levels of success. It's never easy to get a family of seven out the door, and there are still plenty of mornings when I need to throw on the first thing I can grab while shouting over my shoulder for everyone to get in the car. But on the occasions that I do make the small sacrifices necessary to transform the way I look on the outside, I find that it transforms me on the inside as well.

I know our own Gianna has posted a link and it seems like a natural for the other Church Ladies to do it as well (since they're all adorable and take great care in dressing for Mass).  Anyway, check it out.  It a fun idea with a worthy goal.

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