Monday, October 31, 2011

Of soup and love...

This fall, I've been adapting the recipes from Twelve Months of Monastery Soup to the slow cooker- it's been so nice to come in from a cold walk home from the train station to a pot of steaming soup. Paired with a green salad and bread rolls (and an omlette, if you are serving hearty eaters) this makes for a quick, nutritious, and economic meal- all pluses in my book. This endeavor has also boosted my confidence about cooking with dried beans/lentils.

Apartment Therapy has some really helpful ideas for improving slow cooker soups. I've been surprised to learn how little liquid I need- the perfect amount of liquid for 6 servings of soup in my 5.5 quart oval slow cooker is 7 cups. If soup isn't your style, check out their list of top ten slow cooker winter dinners.

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Kathleen said...

I love both this book and my slow cooker; most of the recipes adapt well. I found the beans did still need an overnight soak though.