Friday, October 7, 2011

Hint of the Day: Freezer Paper

With a small family, repackaging and freezing meat is a necessity if we want to get a good price and still have some variety in our diets. Recently, I've made the switch to freezer paper to save money (6¢/ft vs. 7.4¢ per quart Ziploc), but I've found a few other advantages, as well. The freezer paper lays flat on my scale, making it easier to weigh out the amount I want; I don't have to worry about getting raw meat on the outside or the zipper, and I don't have to go hunting for a Sharpie in order to label them.

I admit, I also like the look of those little white packets all lined up in my freezer. Sort of a "brown paper packages tied up with string" feeling.


Margaret Mary said...

You can also draw on the paper side and iron the plastic side temporarily onto fabric making it useful for quilting and some other crafts. It peels off easily when you're done.

Roxie700 said...

I LOVE freezer paper. For so many things. I use it all the time to reinforce a paper pattern when sewing. Just take the tissue paper patter and use a warm iron to iron the tissue paper to the wax side of the freezer paper. Then cut the pattern out. The pattern is now very stable to use over and over.

I use freezer paper to wrap small gifts. It looks pretty with a colored ribbon.

I use freezer paper too when I rewrap meat. Like you do, only I sue the Ziploc bag too. It gives a bit of extra protection against freezer burn. I use the Ziplock bags over and over too.

There are so many uses for freezer paper.