Monday, August 29, 2011

Tea Tasting

During these hot months, my tea drinking is restricted to strong sun tea made from the cheapest tea bags I can procure. It is nearly to the point, though, where I can start thinking of hot beverages again without breaking a sweat, so this idea from Kinfolk magazine's blog has me intrigued.

A tea tasting party would be a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon with friends, but it would also be rather practical, I think, as I have a tendency to end up with several half boxes of tea that I only sort of like. One could choose a variety of flavors, or pick one flavor and compare across vendors (A friend and I have been on an ongoing quest for the Holy Grail of Earl Grey Cremes for quite some time now.)

What other kinds of would you think of hosting? Exotic fruit comes to mind as one of those things that often intrigues me, but I probably wouldn't buy for just myself.

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