Friday, July 15, 2011

A Bounty of Blueberries

The first round of this year's canning, after a weekend expedition yielded eight pounds of blueberries ($1.75/lb, and they're organic!) After trying the Pioneer Woman's pancakes, blueberry-lemon became the official flavor of Summer 2011 in our house, so of course I had to try it in jam form. We had some this morning along with cream cheese on our bagels, and it was sublime. For next time, though, I think I'll try cutting out about a cup of sugar, as I like things on the tart side (lesson: read the reviews).

Now I just have to come up with recipes for the rest of them. I'm thinking of a blueberry-spice syrup with grated ginger or nutmeg, some of these darlings, and freezing the remainder. Ideas?


Maureen said...

Just pop them in the freezer and enjoy blueberries all winter long. I like muffins made with brown sugar and blueberries added to pancake batter with real maple syrup. There is something about the cooked blueberries and maple syrup that are perfect together.

Mrs. N said...

Don't forget that if you reduce the sugar, you might need to use the low-sugar pectin to get it to set up correctly.

Thérèse said...

In this recipe, it would actually be bringing it more into line with what I've seen elsewhere, so probably no substitution required. Thanks for the reminder, though!