Friday, July 2, 2010

Your sage advice, please!


I have a huge sage plant in my garden that is taking up way more than its alloted space. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with it. Any recipe suggestions would be very appreciated.


margaret said...

Thin it out and stick it pots and anything that hasn't died in a week take to church or work and give away so that it can continue its quest for world domination in other people's gardens. As far as cooking is concerned sage is a minor addition - I can't think of anything that uses vast quantities of it like, say, basil in pesto, but then I'm not a meat eater so there might be something I haven't heard of. Good luck - I've just done the same with my mint and thyme.

Lucy said...

You can actually make pesto with almost any herb and mild nut. I had a pesto made with pistachio and mint in Sicily that was amazing.

Your food processor bread that calls for a cup of fresh herbs would use up a lot- I know you usually use parsley, but I've made it with sage.

Sage pairs well with squash, pumpkin, and poultry. Try tossing some chopped leaves with roast potatoes or butter noodles. You can also pick the leaves and dry them for year round use.