Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Novena to Saint Martha - Day 1

As patron of cooks, dietitians, domestic servants, homemakers, housemaids, housewives, laundry workers, maids, servers, single laywomen, and travelers Saint Martha is a go-to saint for Church Ladies of all types! In preparation for her feast day on July 29, we invite you to invoke her intercession for your needs.

O glorious Saint Martha,
I have recourse to your protection and aid,
And as proof of my affection and faith
I promise faithfully to complete this novena.

Comfort me in my difficulties
And intercede for my family
With your intimate friend, our savior,
That we may always hold God in our hearts
And be provided for in our necessities.

I beg your supplications
Especially in behalf of the favor
I ask of you in this novena.

(mention your request).

I ask you, Saint Martha,
By your intercession to help me
In overcoming all my difficulties
And to teach me to become great
In the Kingdom of Heaven
By becoming as humble as you
In this world. Amen.

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