Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Sweaters for New Yarn

That was then

This is now
There is a whole new world of beautiful, inexpensive fiber at your local charity shop (or the back of your closet). I (sneeze, itch, repeat) was forced to pass up $5 cashmere and merino sweaters, but they are still waiting for you lucky Church Ladies out there who are not allergic to wool.

I didn't leave empty handed- I found this lovely linen-cotton blend sweater (at the cost of one skein), and recycled it per the great instructions of Dawn Prickett, who "[has] have probably wound enough yarn to wrap the world and have handled almost every type of fiber and weight of yarn."

Recycling sweaters is great, because you can see how a sweater has held up after wear, before you invest the knitting time.

I would add my own tips:
-For your first reclaiming experience, pick a pullover in at least sport or DK weight.
-Check the men's section too- there are a lot of nice burgundy, slate blue, and olives there
-The buttons might be worth the cost of the garment
-If the yarn bleeds dye, add a cup of salt to the water

Happy hunting!

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