Monday, February 9, 2015

10 reasons why I always buy a 5 pound bag of carrots

A neighbor of mine and I ran into each other at the grocery store, and I asked her why she had a five pound bag of carrots in her cart, since she has a household of two. She replied to me that they came in handy. Over the course of the winter, I've imitated her habit, and have been surprised how often that bag of carrots has saved me from a last minute trip to the grocery store and helped my family get more servings of vegetables.

1. Carrots for breakfast? Yes, please. My family loves morning glory muffins, but maybe yours would prefer the carrots in a smoothie or juiced. Or if you have a little more time, try carrot cake pancakes.

2. Combine with celery and onions (two other hardy produce drawer friends) for mirepoix, the basis of good soup. Carrot slices add freshness to a bean or lentil soup.

3.  Whip up a quick crudite platter for unexpected guests.

4. Put your roast on a bed of carrots for an easy side (and more flavor in your gravy).

6. Grate them for a side salad. There's always the classic grated carrot with mayo and raisins, but you can toss carrot "ribbons" made by a vegetable peeler with olive oil, salt, and pepper for a more artistic salad. Thinly sliced carrots also pair well with cabbage in a slaw.

7. Pickled carrots, for when you want a change from the usual cucumber.

8. Braised carrots, for days when the entree is on the lighter side.

9. Boil and puree them for baby food.

10. Carrot cake. Need I say more?

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