Thursday, November 14, 2013

Planning for Advent

Much as we LOVE Christmas, it's no secret that the Church Ladies love to celebrate Advent as a distinct and separate time of year.  To do it well, however, requires a nice balance of your current family traditions, new plans, and the organizational skills to pull it all off in this relatively short, super-busy season.

To help you out with at least two of those three elements, I'd like to introduce you to a new product from Lacy Rabideau of Catholic Icing:

"This ebook integrates all the religious aspects of celebrating Christmas with all the practical stuff us mothers also have to take care of this time of year. From stocking stuffers to Jesse Trees, from Advent Saint celebrations to gift budgeting, from meal planning to Epiphany door blessings- it’s all in one easy place for you. No searching all over the internet, or picking from this book and that book.

The Advent Christmas Planner is part inspirational, part practical, part devotional, and part fun! Designed especially not to overwhelm mothers, this ebook is going to help you plan your own custom set of traditions that can build so that planning for Advent and Christmas gets easier each year."

 This great resource is on sale for only $10 for the next couple weeks ($12 after that).  You can get yours here.

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